Business Talent (Permanent) Visa Subclass 132

The Business Talent Visa 132 is a business and investment visa for experienced business owners operating a business in Australia to open a new business or run an existing business.

Who Is Eligible to Apply for a Business Talent Visa 132?

You are eligible to apply for a Business Talent Visa 132 if you have:

  • You have been nominated by a government agency of an Australian state or territory
  • You have been invited to apply for a visa 132.
  • You have had a successful business career.
  • Have a strong desire to do business in Australia.
  • Have business assets worth AUD400,000 in at least two of the four financial years prior to applying for the 132 visa.
  • Have an annual business profit of at least AUD3 million in at least two of the four financial years preceding the application; and
  • You and your partner must have lawfully acquired business and personal assets of AUD1.5 million. These assets must be transferred to Australia within two years of your visa being granted.
  • You and your partner must not be involved in criminal activities or dubious business of any kind.
  • You must meet the health requirements. After you apply for your visa, you may be asked to provide a medical certificate confirming that you meet the health requirements. If you do not meet these requirements for any reason, your visa may be denied.

Business Talent Visa 132 Streams

The Business Talent Visa 132 allows you to apply for one of the following streams.

  • Significant Business History Stream. To apply for this stream, you must have a minimum net worth of AUD1.5 million. These funds must also be legitimately acquired and you must prevent proof of a legitimate business.
  • If you are a venture capital entrepreneur, you are eligible to apply for this stream if you have at least AUD1 million in venture capital from a member of the Australian Investment Council (AIC).

What Documents Do I Need for a Business Talent Visa 132?

Here is a document checklist to help you apply for a Business Visa 132.

  • You and any family members applying with you must submit a copy of your passport with date of issue and expiration date, your full name and a photograph. If required, you must include a copy of your ID card and proof of name change.
  • A one page statement listing your assets and liabilities as of any date up to three months prior to the date of your visa application.
  • You must attach your future business plans for Australia and evidence of your business activities.
    • A business plan listing all your business and investments in Australia. You must also include a brief summary of how your business will benefit Australia from an economic perspective.
    • You must include evidence that at least one of your businesses has an annual turnover of at least AUD$3 million. This turnover must be for one of the four years preceding the visa invitation.
    • Proof of ownership can be a certified copy of the company, a certificate of incorporation, or a shareholder certificate from the Registrar of Companies.
    • Proof that you have been involved in the management of the company and involved in its daily decisions for at least two of the four years prior to your visa application.
  • Six photographs of your company’s buildings and activities.
  • An organizational chart showing your main responsibilities, employee duties, rotations, and management lines.
  • Financial details showing your financial statements for two of the four years prior to applying for the 132 visa. Financial statements must be prepared by an independent auditor in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards.
  • If your business is loss-making, you must provide the following information
    • Proof of insolvency
    • Receivership
    • Liquidation
    • Insolvency
  • Prepare a Form 80 for a Personal Character Assessment and attach it to your Certificate of
  • Good Standing. Form 1221 must also be attached.
  • Proof of functional English proficiency; all family members over the age of 18 must prove that they have at least functional English proficiency.
  • Proof of valid health insurance.
  • Proof that you have signed the Australian Declaration of Values.
  • Form 1139A, this form is required after you apply but not when you submit your application.
  • Form 956A if you need someone to contact from the Immigration and Naturalization Service.
  • Form 956. is needed to show that you are receiving assistance from the Department of
  • Immigration and Naturalization.
  • If you are a family member, you will need the following.
    • Identification card and photograph
    • Certificate of Personality
    • Marriage certificate
    • Proof of relationship
    • Birth certificate
    • Proof of dependency
  • For the Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream, you must submit the following documents.
    • A legally binding capital agreement with an Australian company that is a member of the
    • Australian Investment Council (AIC) and proof that the company is a venture capital member of the AIC
    • Documentation that the risk capital secured is at least AUD$1 million
    • A detailed letter confirming that the venture capital will be invested in Australia for business purposes.

Application Process for Australia Business Talent Visa 132

The application process for the Business Visa 132 consists of two important steps

  • Payment of the application fee. If you do not already have an account, you will need to open a new account. Once the application fee is paid, your visa application will be considered.
  • Submission of application documents. You cannot submit your application documents through ImmiAccount, you must send your documents and other forms (all in English or translated) to the Adelaide Business Skills Processing Centre. If you are sending your application from China, Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan, you must send the completed application form to the Australian Consulate in Hong Kong.

When Do I Get a Business Talent Visa 132?

Most applications for Business Visa 132 are processed within two and a half years. The processing time may be longer depending on whether the Immigration Department requires further information.

Is Visa 132 a Permanent Visa?

Yes, the Business Talent Visa 132 is a Permanent Resident Visa and you can stay in Australia indefinitely with this visa.

Can My Family Members Apply With Me for a Business Visa 132?

If your family members are part of your immediate family, they can apply for the 132 visa with you. Immediate family members are as follows

  • Your spouse
  • Your registered partner
  • Your minor children
  • Your adult family members

You may include family members at the time of application or at a later date, as long as it is done before the final decision on the 132 visa is made.

Business Talent Visa 132 Fee

The application fee for the Business Talent Visa 132 is AUD7,855 and there is an additional fee for additional family members applying for this visa together.

  • Application fee for family members over 18 years AUD3,930
  • Application fee for family members under 18 years old: AUD3,930

If a family member cannot demonstrate English proficiency, the family member must pay the second installment fee of AUD4,890. The second installment fee for you, the principal visa applicant, is AUD9,795.

Traveling With a Business Talent Visa 132

With the business visa 132, you can travel freely, but since this visa is a permanent visa, there is an expiration date for your travels. After 5 years, you will not be able to travel unless you apply for a Resident Return Visa. A Resident Return Visa allows you to re-enter the country with your permanent resident status.

What Can I Do if My Application for a Business Visa 132 Is Denied?

You can ask the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) to review your visa, which can be denied for a number of reasons. However, not all decisions are reviewable, so immigration will indicate in your visa letter whether you are eligible for review.

If your application is denied, there is no refund of the visa fee. However, Immigration may refund the fee for a second or subsequent application.

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